Voted in the July 1997 Meeting

1. NAME: "Ohio Stereo Photographic Society".

2. OBJECTIVE: Promote stereoscopic photography among the club's members and the general public.

3. MEMBERSHIP: Any person of good character upon payment of the annual dues and approval by the Executive Committee (EC) will be declared a member of the club and will receive the monthly newsletter and be allowed to participate in club competitions and vote for officers. Any member whose dues are in arrears three months or more will be automatically dropped. Members must attend at least three meetings a year to continue to be eligible to participate in the club competitions. Exceptions to this must be approved by the EC. Annual dues are determined by the EC.

4. MEETINGS: Regular meetings are held monthly every first Tuesday of the month, ten times a year, starting in September and ending in June. Meetings include presentation of stereoscopic images, photographic competitions or other related stereo photographic activities. The June meeting is designated as the club's Annual Business Meeting for the election of the officers.

5. OFFICERS: The Executive Committee consists of four elected officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and members of the club that hold work-assignments:

The President presides at all meetings of the organization, serves as chairman of the Executive Committee, approves bills and official matter to be published, and administers the affairs of the organization with the assistance of the EC.

The Vice-President presides at all meetings in the absence of the president and assumes duties of that office in the event of death or resignation.

The Secretary keeps a record of the proceedings of all meetings and maintains a file of the correspondence of the club.

The Treasurer manages the club funds and presents an annual report on the condition of the treasury in the Annual Meeting.

Nominations for elected officers must be received and announced to the club at the meeting preceding the Annual Meeting. During the Annual Meeting the president will call for a vote. The candidates receiving the highest number of votes by the members present at the Annual Meeting will be declared elected and shall take office immediately.

6. WORK ASSIGNMENTS: A number of work assignments must be performed by club members for the proper operation of the club. These assignments are appointed by the President and can be carried out either by the elected officers or by members of the club who are not elected officers. Assignments can include, but are not limited to: Program Director (responsible for planning the program for each club meeting), Awards Chairman (responsible for organizing and conducting club stereo image competitions and presenting the awards of such competitions), Membership Chairman (in charge of promoting club membership, planning any membership campaigns, greeting and registering visitors and prospective members at the meetings) Librarian (responsible for registering and maintaining club property such as journals and newsletters received as a result of Club membership in various stereoscopic organizations, books, magazines, slide programs, or equipment acquired or donated to the club), Newsletter Editor (responsible for publishing and distributing a monthly newsletter.)

7. AMENDMENTS: Any proposed changes to the Constitution must be presented in writing by either the EC or by seven or more members during a regular club meeting. Such changes will be voted upon during the following regular meeting and will require at least a two-thirds affirmative vote of the members present.