Photographic Society of America (PSA)

2011 Ohio International

Stereo Exhibition 

Ohio Stereo Photographic
Society (OSPS)



Exhibition Results (Accepted Entries)


Maker Image #1 Image #2 Image #3 Image #4
Allen, David Castle Spiral Stairs A Candy Cane From Santa Stereoscope and Horse
Asch, Tony Bryce Canyon Wood Nong Nooch Flamingos Sri Racha Tiger Zoo Central Park Boats
Baldwin, Hayden       Pebbles
Ballou, John Kearsarge Pinnacles Day Hike Lunatic Captures The Moon Shadow Play Spin Out Evolution
Bergman, Mat Balcony Cave Giant Robot At Bonestell Crater Motorcycle Tires At KC Engineering  
Bloomberg, Robert San Francisco Bay Newt Descending A Staircase #2 Gecko Rainbow Kaleidoscopic Kitty
Braun, Bruno Fischkutter      
Campos, Grant   Ozette Boardwalk   Ozette Bridge
Cosentino, Michael Break Water      
Damico, David Civil War Dancers - Yuletide      
Davis, Brian     The Passenger  
Drinkut, Betty   Sauerkraut in July    
Eveleth, Richard Parrot In A Hole Looking Down The Dune    
Farrell, Tim   Under The Manhattan Bridge    
Fischer, Larry Oscar Alien Space Station Big Wheel Snowflake Marble
Forshee, Jim Kitty Mesa Arch    
Fross, Ron Yellowstone Lake In September      Fredericksburg Ohio
Fung, Kai-hung   Blue dragonfly Bird on an orange  
Gauche, Barb Alcove Mosaic Artistic Brick Wall California Dreaming  
Gauche, Paul   Burlington Bay Lift Bridge    
Goings, David Black Skimmers On Crescent Beach   Swan At Gallup Park  
Golan, Rich   Mystic Rays    
Green, Dennis Blue Flower     Look Out For The Bridge
Guertin, Michael Apple Rain   Sharks Sunflower Scene
Harvey, Dwight Chihuly Detail Chihuly Installation   Sitting In The Stereo Window
Hughes, Steve       Blue Heron
Hughes, Suzanne Tortoise Snack Domingo de Ramos Sandy Sea Lions  
Kaiman, Harold   Ceiling Of Our Beach House Garfield Monument  
Karberg, Wayne   Old Posts in Infrared   Hocking Hills Winter
Kaufman, Lawrence   Headdress Heather's Dreads  
Kemper, Klaus At the Pond   Hufeisenazurjungfer Hallstatt
Kesner, David Flathead Prison Laundry Waiting for Gas Bee on a Milkweed
Kriesel, Ron Water Grass   Nettie Cover  
Kuntz, David   Childs Play Rusty  
Lorimer, Nicholas   Granny    
Marchand, Jean-Pierre eau-s Roch 3660 rivière Ouelle 03    
Mason, Brian Gulls Juggler   Driftwood
Metcalfe, Jim   Hairy Bee   Caterpillar On Daisy
Mitofsky, Eugene Buried By The Blizzard Of 2011   Pink Radiance Tree At Laie Point
Moxom, Nancy Top End Sunset Simplicity Ferris Wheel #2 Sea Lion Pup
Moxom, Ray Sleeping Beauty Cape Borda Lighthouse   Feed Me
Muskovac, Nicholas Asian Lily      
Nygren, Linda   Fern Pasque Flowers Redfern
Peters, Geoff Monarch on Orange Flowers   Julia Longwing on Milkweed Red & Purple Passion Flower
Pratt, Lee Cathedral Caverns #1   Rock City Waterfall Through The Crevice
Read, Andrew Fruit Stall Museum Turtle Waterfall Valley Morning Misty Morning Outlook
Reynolds, Chris Pullin Gs Cumulus Cacophony Lynn Camp Cascade Moran Approaching Storm
Rudick, Jim   Galapagos Marine Iguanas Galapagos Tortoises mating  
Rychlik, Wojtek   Challenger & Columbia Death-Camas Lily Lakes
Rywick, Tom   Seeing Red    
Shetley, Andrea Barn In Snow Looking Through The Arbor    
Shomsky, Rick Skating Through Air      
Sieg, Albert Pemaquid Sunrise Yellow Barn Rocky Stream  
Stone, Cecil   Ali BR 4 Nicole Backlit 152 Nova Two
Taylor, Charles   Cowtown Maze Attacking the Net  
Venezia, Bob Stud Horse Point   Green Eyes Sailing Past Paradise
Awards: Best of Show Judge's Choice Best OSPS Honorable Mention





Best of Show
Green Eyes 

by Bob Venezia

Judge's Choice #1
Prison Laundry 

by David Kesner

Judge's Choice #2


by David Kuntz

Judge's Choice #3


by Brian Mason

Best OSPS Entry

Hocking Hills Winter 

by Wayne Karberg

Honorable Mention

Newt Descending A Staircase

by Robert Bloomberg

Honorable Mention
The Passenger 

by Brian Davis

Honorable Mention
Swan At Gallup Park

by David Goings

Honorable Mention
Tortoise Snack
by Suzanne Hughes

Honorable Mention
Old Posts in Infrared
by Wayne Karberg

Honorable Mention
Bee on a Milkweed
by David Kesner

Honorable Mention
Eaus-s Roch 3360
by Jean-Pierre Marchand

Honorable Mention
Buried by the Blizzard of 2011
by Eugene Mitofsky

Honorable Mention
Misty Morning Outlook
by Andrew Reed

Honorable Mention
Moran Approaching Storm
by Chris Reynolds

Honorable Mention
by Wojtek Rychlik

Honorable Mention
Pemaquid Sunrise
by Albert Sieg



Exhibition Details


Judges & Support
  • John Bueche, Judge
  • Jay Horowitz, Judge
  • John Waldsmith, Judge
  • Barb Gauche, Projectionist
  • Paul Gauche, Score keeper
  • George Themelis, Supervisor

From Left to Right: Jay Horowitz, Barb Gauche, George Themelis
John Waldsmith, Paul Gauche.

Judging Method
& Statistics
  • 262 images were received from 66 makers.  (9 makers were OSPS members).  
  • Judges viewed the 262 images projected with two digital projectors, each having resolution of 1024x768, on a 72" "silver" screen. Images were shown in four groups, each entrant's images divided evenly between them.  
  • A scoring range from 5 to 9 was used, with the following guidelines: 9 (Accepted with awards), 8 (Accepted), 7 (Undecided), 6 (Not Accepted), 5 (Not Accepted).  
  • After the initial scoring, the acceptance line was drawn at 22 or higher. 131 images were accepted in the exhibition.  
  • The top-scoring images (receiving a score of 25 or higher) were shown again.  After discussion among the judges, awards were given for 1) Best of Show, 2) 3x Judges' Choice, 3) Best OSPS Entry.  The remaining high-scoring images (12) received an Honorable Mention.
Exhibitions The Exhibition will be shown at the following venues:
  • 3D Weekend (NSA Regional Convention), Akron, Ohio April 30, 2011 (
  • Ohio Stereo Photographic Society, Richfield, Ohio May 3, 2011 (



Thank you for your participation - We hope to see you back in 2012!


For Questions/Comments please contact:


Exhibition Chairman George Themelis
10243 Echo Hill Drive
Brecksville, OH 44141, USA
(440) 666-4006
alternative email:



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