Photographic Society of America (PSA)

2012 Ohio International

Stereo Exhibition 

Ohio Stereo Photographic
Society (OSPS)



Exhibition Results (Accepted Entries)


Maker Image #1 Image #2 Image #3 Image #4
Allen, David W Red Lily Simple Simon Fishing Forgotten Wheels
Ballou, John On The Waterfront Iris Explosion
Betge, Henry Paradise of a Yangtze side river in China Lemon carrier  in Chongqing  in China
Bloomberg, Robert Train Of Thought Orphaned Opossum Brazilian Boa Fire Dance
Braun, Bruno Anden Brockenbahn Loewenburg Radrenner
Bueche, John Splash Hope Memorial Carous Elephant Adventurers
Cosentino, Mike Tour Boat Food Chain
Drinkut, Betty There's A Fly on My Wing
Fischer, Larry Deer Hunting Stamp Ghost Fire Parade Of Dolls Original Stereo Viewer
Forshee, Jim Yellow Stone
Forshee, John Happy Seagull Trees in the sky Snow in the Desert
Gilgoff, Joel Eiffel Tower Paris Bubble
Green, Dennis Tug of War
Gusani, Hitesh follow me In search infinite
Hughes, Steve Fall Sally Lightfoot-2 Walking Home
Hughes, Suzanne I Want Cakes Like That Too Diver
Karberg, Wayne Defrosting Beaver Pond Victorian Kitchen
Kaufman, Lawrence Larva Gives a Hand Zipper Poke
Kemper, Klaus Last Frost Dositheos Knight
Kuntz, David Crashing Wave A Crack in the Fence Brown Derby
Kusnetz, Jay Hats Rye Station
Lang, Jorn Busy street Chasing pigeons Ice on the rocks Parked bike
McMillan, Ray Reflection St Mary's Lighthouse Terracotta Army Fanfare
Metcalfe, Jim Sad Boy Helping Hand Wet Grasshopper
Mitofsky, Eugene Resting Dog
Moxom, Nancy Dancing Girls K1 at Speed Magnolias
Moxom, Ray K1-Ondrej Tunka (CZE) Ocean Road 38 Camouflage
Muzatko, Jack  Waiting Their Turn
Ou, Guojiang Forest
Peters, Geoff Monarch on Pink Flower Pink Water Lilies
Pratt, Lee Cliff Dwellings Little Stream Maroon Bells
Read, Andrew climbing the ladders boys having fun hyde park the chase
Reynolds, Chris Charleston Manse Alter Ego The Apparition
Rudick, James French River Morning infrared photo
Shetley, Andrea Path Through Aspens Sunset Sails Vulture Family
Shomsky, Rick Leo's Nuclear Chili
Sieg, Albert Sign Barn Tacoma Narrows
Smart, Lattie RevFlyers
Stuart, John Shine Rak Our dreams
Taylor, Charles Playground Rope Tunnel Columbine
Turley, Stewart Arthur Foss Pipes And Clouds Light Pools
Venezia, Bob Drummer Boy HerInner Voice ZeroGravity & Rockets
Wojtek, Rychlik Maroon Bells Red Mountain Blanca Peak
Zoran, Zelic NY-Skyline Uncle ZZ
Awards: Best of Show - Best Creative Judge's Choice Best OSPS Honorable Mention





Best of Show - PSA Gold Medal
Maroon Bells

by Lee Pratt

Best Creative - PSA Silver Medal

by Bruno Braun

Judge's Choice #1
I Want Cakes Like That Too 

by Suzanne Hughes

Judge's Choice #2


by Klaus Kemper

Judge's Choice #3

Drummer Boy 

by Bob Venezia

Best OSPS Entry

Defrosting Beaver Pond 

by Wayne Karberg

Honorable Mention

Forgotten Wheels

by David W Allen

Honorable Mention
Orphaned Opossum 

by Robert Bloomberg

Honorable Mention
Brazilian Boa

by Robert Bloomberg

Honorable Mention
Last Frost
by Klaus Kemper

Honorable Mention
by Ray McMillian

Honorable Mention
Sad Boy
by Jim Metcalfe

Honorable Mention
Helping Hand
by Jim Metcalfe

Honorable Mention
K1 at Speed
by Nancy Moxom

Honorable Mention
Tacoma Narrows
by Albert Sieg



Exhibition Details


Judges & Support
  • Paul Gauche, Chairman
  • John Bueche, Scoring
  • John Waldsmith, Projectionist
  • Barb Gauche, Judge
  • Ron Fross, Judge
  • George Themelis, Judge

Scoring: John Bueche (left) and Paul Gauche (right)

Judges (From Left to Right): Ron Fross, Barb Gauche, George Themelis

Judging Method
& Statistics
  • 228 images were received from 57 makers.  (6 makers were OSPS members).  
  • Judges viewed the images projected with two digital projectors, each having resolution of 1400x71050, on a 72" "silver" screen. Images were shown in four groups, each entrant's images divided evenly between them.  
  • A scoring range from 5 to 9 was used, with the following guidelines: 9 (Accepted with awards), 8 (Accepted), 7 (Undecided), 6 (Not Accepted), 5 (Not Accepted).  
  • After the initial scoring, the acceptance line was drawn at 23 or higher. 110 images were accepted in the exhibition.  
  • The top-scoring images (receiving a score of 25 or higher) were shown again.  After discussion among the judges, awards were given for 1) Best of Show, 2) Best Creative, 3) 3x Judges' Choice, 4) Best OSPS Entry.  The remaining 9 high-scoring images (score of 26 or higher) received an Honorable Mention.
Exhibitions The Exhibition will be shown at the following venues:
  • Ohio Stereo Photographic Society, Richfield, Ohio May 1, 2012 (
  • NSA Resional 3D Weekend (NSA Regional Convention), Akron, Ohio May 5, 2012 (



Thank you for your participation - We hope to see you back in 2013!


For Questions/Comments please contact:


Exhibition Chairman Paul Gauche
46576 Vineyards Lane
Macomb Township, MI, USA
(586) 598-9313
(313) 673-8229
Alternative E-mail:



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