Photographic Society of America (PSA)

2013 Ohio International

Stereo Exhibition 

Ohio Stereo Photographic
Society (OSPS)



Exhibition Results (Accepted Entries)



Image #1

Image #2

Image #3

Image #4

Abolfazli, Majed

Water Slide




Allen, David


Soteska Vintgar Canyon

Orange Lilys

Monitor in a Monitor

Ballou, John





Bergman, Mat




Ferry Point

Betge, Henry


Old Chinese Fishing

Jade Market Hong Kong


Davis, Brian



The Quire Wells Cathedral - England

Eurostar car ferry England to France

Feagan, Leslie



Train Steps


Fischer, Larry

Reptile Man

Hello Kitty

A Car Is Only As Good As It's Engine

Picking Marbles

Fross, Ron

Engulfed in Flames

Northrup Raider


Dirty Work

Green, Dennis


Flying Through Time

Hot Rod

Keystone Card

Harvey, Dwight


No Composite Monarchs

Up the Down Staircase


Hjellen, Greg

Fill it Up




Horowitz, Jay



Chinese Portal


Hughes, Steve

River Bend

Tidal Pools

Amsterdam Bike Girl

Dew Drop

Hughes, Suzanne

Arches National Park

Lawn Lake Flood Area


Tough Lava Crossing

Gilgoff, Joel





Kaufman, Lawrence




Self Portrait

Kemper, Klaus

Idea Leuconoe


Shake Hands

Weisse Baumnymphe

Kriesel, Ron



Mt Hood No 2

Fungi Fine Art

Kuntz, David


White Orchid

Bourbon Street Neon


Levine, Michael


Framed By Sculpture

Its in the Ol Devil Eyes


Lower, Edgar

Red and White Tulip Close

Blacksmith At Work



McCreery, Jay

Mabry Mill

Dedham Bike and Leather

Quartz Veins Rising


McMillan, Ray


In Control

Fox Hunting

In The Night Garden

Metcalfe, Jim

Pelican Stare

Flying Through the Window

Colourful Shells

Targetted Fashion

Mitofsky, Elizabeth



Petrified Specimen


Mitofsky, Eugene


Old Trading Post

Cactus Top

Navajo Weave

Muskovac, Nicholas





Muzatko, Jack


  San Francisco Wharf


Whos for Dinner

Patt, Greg



Farm Bin

Let there be light

Peters, Geoff

Joshua Tree National Park

Sunrise on the River



Pratt, Lee

Arch in Alabama Hills

Glimpse of Whitney Portal

North Coyote Buttes

Virgin River Splashes

Pulivarthi, Nagendra Prasad





Read, Andrew

beach walk


Barn Bluff

Hanging There

Reynolds, Chris





Shetley, Andrea

Mono Lake Tufa Twilight

Slot Canyon Sunlit Log

Pelican Pose

Mountain and Storm View

Sieg, Albert




Lobster Buoys

Taylor, Charles





Themelis, George

Straw Symmetry

LasVegas At Night

Beautiful Flower

Shopping For Jewlery

Turley, Stewart





Venezia, Bob Photographer's-Playground A-Keane-Awareness Big-Moon-Over-Mt-Shuksan Yellow-Caterpillar
Wilson, Ron










Best of Show

Best Creative

Judge's Choice


Honorable Mention







Best of Show - PSA Gold Medal
In Control

by Ray McMillan

Best Creative - PSA Silver Medal
Keystone Card

by Dennis Green

Judge's Choice #1
Quartz Veins Rising 

by Jay McCreery

Judge's Choice #2

Colourful Shells 

by Jim Metcalfe

Judge's Choice #3

Yellow Caterpillar 

by Bob Venezia

Best OSPS Entry

Straw Symmetry 

by George Themelis

Honorable Mention

Old Chinese Fishing

by Henry Betge

Honorable Mention
Amsterdam Bike Girl 

by Steve Hughes

Honorable Mention

by Joel Gilgoff

Honorable Mention
by Joel Gilgoff

Honorable Mention
White Orchid
by David Kuntz

Honorable Mention
Blacksmith At Work
by Edgar Lower

Honorable Mention
Mabry Mill
by Jay McCreery

Honorable Mention
Pelican Stare
by Jim Metcalfe



Exhibition Details


Judges & Support
  • Paul Gauche, Chairman
  • Ron Fross, Scoring
  • George Themelis, Projectionist
  • Barb Gauche, Judge
  • John Bueche, Judge
  • John Ribarich, Judge

Scoring: Paul Gauche (left) and Ron Fross (right)

Judges (From Left to Right): John Bueche, John Ribarich, Barb Gauche

Judging Method
& Statistics
  • 192 images were received from 48 makers.  (6 makers were OSPS members). 
  • Judges viewed the images projected with two digital projectors, each having resolution of 1920x1080, on a 94 inch (2.4m) wide "silver" screen. Images were shown in four groups, each entrant's images divided evenly between them.  Images were placed randomly within each group. 
  • A scoring range from 5 to 9 was used, with the each judge scoring in accordance with the following guidelines: 9 (Image should be accepted with awards), 8 (Image should be accepted), 7 (Undecided), 6-5 (Not Accepted). 
  • After the initial scoring, the acceptance line was drawn at 23 or higher. 100 images were accepted in the Exhibition. 
  • The top-scoring images (receiving a score of 25 or higher) were shown again.  After discussion among the judges, awards were given for 1) Best of Show, 2) Best Creative, 3) 3x Judges' Choice, 4) Best OSPS Entry.  The remaining 8 high-scoring images (score of 26 or higher) received an Honorable Mention.
Exhibitions The Exhibition will be shown at the following venues:
  • Ohio Stereo Photographic Society, Richfield, Ohio May 7, 2013 (
  • TBA



Thank you for your participation - We hope to see you back in 2014!


For Questions/Comments please contact:


Exhibition Chairman Paul Gauche
46576 Vineyards Lane
Macomb Township, MI, USA
(586) 598-9313
(313) 673-8229



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