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2019 Ohio International Stereo Exhibition Ohio Stereo Photographic Society

2019 OISE Exhibition Results

Deep InsideAkdeniz, OktayAccepted
Dead Tree near Moab UtAllen, David WAccepted
Holding a BallAllen, David WAccepted
Violin Bridge-2Allen, David WAccepted
Amb Barca al RetiroBarbera, JosepAccepted
Fira NadalencaBarbera, JosepAccepted
Possum PurpleBittner MichaelAccepted
Seminole Council OakBittner MichaelAccepted
Alice in Muir WoodsBloomberg, RobertAccepted
Azuma2Bloomberg, RobertAccepted
Rubik's Cubist CameraBloomberg, RobertAccepted
White-knee TarantulaBloomberg, RobertHonorable Mention
Craigs Hut SunsetBrennan, MarkAccepted
Sunbeams at Burgess FallsBrennan, Mark Best of Show
EselreiterBraun, BrunoAccepted
MonarchfalterBraun, BrunoAccepted
NetzreparaturBraun, BrunoHonorable Mention
Sliding a boatBraun, BrunoAccepted
Crystal CavernCosentino. MichaelAccepted
Big BonedDeam, EmilyAccepted
Bridal Veil FallsDrinko. UrsulaAccepted
Lonely BenchDrinko. UrsulaAccepted
Winter StreamDrinko. UrsulaAccepted
Flamingoes EverywhereDrinkut, Betty SettleAccepted
Harlequins Vs Saracens 01Duncan. GregAccepted
Over The NetDuncan. GregAccepted
Photographing PelicansDuncan. GregAccepted
Catedral de CórdobaFernandez-Galaz. AntonioAccepted
Inside InflationGager, RussAccepted
Sunrise TetonsGager, RussAccepted
WaterliliesGager, RussAccepted
Irish HorsecartGreen, DennisHonorable Mention
Pull!Green, DennisAccepted
Rope Bridge MirrorGreen, DennisAccepted
Stereo StamensGreen, DennisAccepted
Cosmos with BeeHarvey. DwightAccepted
ThanosHarvey. DwightBest Creative
Mystic AquariumHarvey. DwightAccepted
Hydrangea Flower HeadHjellen. GregAccepted
ShipwreckHjellen. GregJudges Choice
The DeltaHjellen. GregAccepted
Washing Horse FeathersHjellen. GregAccepted
Aurora Over HutHughes, SteveAccepted
Balloon At SunsetHughes, SteveAccepted
Amsterdam FlowersHughes, SuzanneAccepted
Spanish RoseHughes, SuzanneAccepted
FacesHung Yuk Fung GariusBest OISE First Entry
Havesting PineappleHung Yuk Fung GariusAccepted
To The CityHung Yuk Fung GariusAccepted
Morning DewKarambelas, BobAccepted
Entry for AntsKaufman, LawrenceAccepted
Sepia StairwellKaufman, LawrenceAccepted
FreeKuntz, DavidAccepted
Lavender OrchidKuntz, DavidAccepted
Point VicenteKuntz, DavidAccepted
The KingKuntz, DavidAccepted
Mesa ArchLeonard, RobertAccepted
St Pauls Cathedral Gardens LondonMedhurst, DerekAccepted
Bug in the SystemMetcalfe, JimAccepted
Forster SunsetMetcalfe, JimAccepted
Inside a W3Metcalfe, JimAccepted
Invers RisingMuzatko, JackAccepted
Mother and BabyNair. V.G.M.Accepted
Cow EyesNossiter, StevenAccepted
Hollow LogNossiter, StevenAccepted
Butchart GardensPeters, GeoffAccepted
Night RainPeters, GeoffAccepted
BowlinePhilosophos, GeorgeAccepted
Above Horseshoe BendPratt, LeeAccepted
Birthday FlowersPratt, LeeAccepted
Mesa Arch 1Pratt, LeeAccepted
Pregnant PartyRoy, JamesAccepted
Final Evening WavesRuiz, DiegoAccepted
Custom ChessShomsky, RickAccepted
Spirit of St LouisShomsky, RickAccepted
Vintage TransportationSmith, DavidJudges Choice
Big Dipper-Main StStone, CecilHonorable Mention
Rushmore B&W 5Stone, CecilAccepted
Churrasqueros1Suárez, Esther AguileraAccepted
Churrasqueros2Suárez, Esther AguileraJudges Choice
Churrasqueros3Suárez, Esther AguileraHonorable Mention
Churrasqueros4Suárez, Esther AguileraAccepted
Broken glasSynnevaag, RoaldAccepted
Huset i skogenSynnevaag, RoaldAccepted
Geyser - What geyserTaylor, CharlesAccepted
Naval Bottle GunTaylor, CharlesAccepted
Busy BeeThemelis, GeorgeHonorable Mention
Flower SymmetryThemelis, GeorgeAccepted
Stair To The FallsThemelis, GeorgeHonorable Mention
Turtle Close UpThemelis, GeorgeAccepted
Australia Day celebrationsWright, CarltonAccepted
Barrier Reef ShellWright, CarltonAccepted

Awarded Images (Universal View L-R-L)

Best of Show-PSA Gold Medal
Sunbeams At Burgess Falls
by Mark Brennan
Best Creative-PSA Silver Medal
by Dwight Harvey
Best First-Time OISE Entrant
by Hung Yuk Fung Garius
Honorable Mention
White-knee Tarantula
by Robert Bloomberg
Honorable Mention
by Bruno Braun
Honorable Mention
Irish Horsecart
by Dennis Green
Honorable Mention
Big Dipper-Main St.
by Cecil Stone
Honorable Mention
by Esther Aguilera Suárez
Honorable Mention
Busy Bee
by George Themelis
Honorable Mention
Stair To The Falls
by George Themelis
Judge's Choice
by Greg Hjellen
Judge's Choice
Vintage Transportation
by David Smith
Judge's Choice
by Ester Aguilera Suárez

Exhibition Details

Judges & Support: William Kiraly, Chairman
John Bueche, Scoring
Jay Horowitz, Projection
Barb Gauche, Judge
Paul Gauche, Judge
Leslie Feagan, Judge

Judging Method & Statistics;
  • This year, we received 209 entries from 53 creators
  • We accepted 91 (44%) images for the exhibition
  • Judging Date: May 4, 2019
  • The judges viewed the images projected with two digital projectors, each having resolution of 1920x1080, on a large "silver" screen. Images were shown in four groups.
  • A scoring range from 5 to 9 was used.
  • All accepted images were shown again. After discussion among the judges, awards were given for: Best of Show; Best Creative; Best First Time OISE Entry; 3 Judges' Choice,7 Honorable Mentions.

Thank you all for your support. We'll see you again in 2020!

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