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Short History of the Ohio Stereo Exhibition

by George Themelis - June 2016

Our first Ohio International Stereo Exhibition was held in April of 2001. Jim Motley was the Chairman. We had 77 entrants entering 308 stereo slides from 18 different US states and 8 different countries. The judges (John Waldsmith, George Themelis, Ron Wilson) selected 149 stereo slides that made the exhibition. It took 8 people and 4-5 hours to complete the selection. The projection was done with a TDC projector. The PSA Gold Metal went to David Kesner for "Spike". Ron Fross won the "Best OSPS Entry".  I helped Jim by taking care of the PSA requirements, preparing the entry forms, voting cards and catalogs. The experience is detailed in a 2 page article in the June 2001 (5.10) Stereogram by Jim and myself. It is quite interesting to read this today: FirstOSPSExhibition.pdf.

2001 Exhibition Chairman Jim Motley, with
assistants Debbie and Mark Motley 

2001 Judges: George Themelis
John Waldsmith
, Ron Wilson

2001 Projection Team: Ron Fross
Dennis Petti

This first exhibition was a LOT of hard work. So hard, that we skipped a year, and held the 2nd OSPS Stereo Exhibition in 2003. This time I was the Chairman. We had 212 slides from 53 entrants and accepted 95. The PSA Gold Metal went to Dennis Hanser for "Gull & Lighthouse".  We only had two OSPS members enter this exhibition (Ron Wilson and Joe Hamblin, Joe won the "Best OSPS Entry" award.) We were able to show this exhibition in our first 3D Stereoscopic Weekend, which was held on May 3-4, 2003.

2003 JudgesChuck Weiss, Dennis Petti, John Waldsmith.
Exhibition Chairman George Themelis is in the back.

And then... silence. No one wanted to Chair this event again because it was really a lot of work. You have to apply with PSA, find judges, set dates, create catalogs, accept entries by mail, organize them, organize the judging, select the accepted entries, show the exhibition in at least two different places (required by PSA), mail report cards, create and mail catalogs, return all entries by mail. A lot of work!

Skip 7 years forward. In the Fall of 2010, with digital imaging making exhibition entry, organization, judging and presentation easier, we decided to explore the possibility of resuming the Ohio Stereo Exhibition. We established a judging date in April that allowed us to show the exhibition at the 2011 3D Weekend in May. The 3rd Ohio International Stereo Exhibition was a great success, with over 262 images submitted from 66 entrants. 

The exhibition has been conducted continuously since 2011. See pictures and details below.

2011 Judging Crew (from left to right): Jay Horowitz, Barb Gauche, George Themelis
John Waldsmith
, Paul Gauche. (John Bueche is not pictured)

2012 Judging & Crew.  Judges (Left): Ron Fross, Barb Gauche, George Themelis
Right: John Bueche & Paul Gauche

2013 Judging & Crew (From left to right): John Bueche, John Ribarich
Barb Gauche, Paul Gauche, George Themelis, Ron Fross 

2014 Judging: First Row (Left to Right): John Bueche, Jay Horowitz, 
Second Row
: Ron Fross, George Themelis
Third Row (standing): Paul Gauche, Barb Gauche

2015 Judging: 
Back Row (Left to Right)
: George Themelis, John Ribarich, John Waldsmith
Front Row (Left to Right): Jay Horowitz, Ron Fross, Barb Gauche

2016 Judging:
Back Row (Left to Right)
: John Ribarich,  Ron Fross, John Bueche, Barb Gauche
Front Row (Left to Right): Jay Horowitz, George Themelis 

2017 Judging:
From Left to Right: Leslie Feagan, John Bueche, Jay Horowitz, 
George Themelis, Barb Gauch
e, Bill Kiraly

2018 Judging:
From Left to Right, Standing
: John Bueche, Paul Gauche. 
From Left to Right, Sitting:
George Themelis, Jack Darrow, Jay Horowitz

Ohio Exhibition Summary & Statistics

Exhibition Exhibition Chairman Format Entries/Entrants/Accepted Gold Medal Silver Medal OSPS /New Exhibitor Medal Catalog/Report
Apr 21, 2001 1 James R Motley Slides 308/18/149 David Kesner, "Spike" Dennis Hanser
"Neon Hall"
Ron Fross
April 8, 2003 2 George Themelis Slides 212/53/95 Dennis Hanser
"Gull & Lighthouse"
David W Allen
"Quality Watch Repair"
Joe Hamblin
"Winter Walk"
April 23, 2011 3 George Themelis Digital 262/66/131 Bob Venezia
"Green Eyes"
- Wayne Karberg
"Hocking Hills Winter"
April 21, 2012 4 Paul Gauche Digital 228/57/110 Lee Pratt
"Maroon Bells"
Bruno Braun
Wayne Karberg
"Defrosting Beaver Pond"
April 15, 2013 5 Paul Gauche Digital 192/48/100 Ray McMillan
"In Control"
Dennis Green
"Keystone Card"
George Themelis
"Straw Symmetry"
April 21, 2014 6 Paul Gauche & 
George Themelis
Digital 252/63/139 Lee Pratt
"Fishing in Colorado"
Bruno Braun
Barbara Gauche
"Baby Owl At Zoo"
May 29, 2015 7 Paul Gauche Digital 201/51/106 Jeff Ewen
"I Can Make This"
David Kuntz
Jay Horowitz
"Shanghai Canal"
June 1, 2016 8 Jay Horowitz Digital 184/46/77 Jim Metcalfe
"Leap at Sunset"
David Kuntz
"Nashville Neon"
James Rudick
"St Peter Church, Canton OH"
June 1, 2017 9 Paul Gauche Digital 160/40/63 Robert Bloomberg 
"Owl Stairwell"
David Kuntz 
"Times Square Fantasy"
Jay Horowitz 
"Theres Fire"
May 1, 2018 10 Paul Gauche Digital 179/45/76 Carlton Wright
Bob Karambelas
May 3,
11 Bill Kiraly Digital 209/53/91 Mark Brennan
"Sunbeams at Burgess Falls"
Dwight Harvey
Hung Yuk Fung Garius "Faces"


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