DrT's Red Button Service

I can make your Stereo Realist red button viewer look like NEW at the outside:


But work BETTER THAN NEW in the inside!

This is a brief summary of the work I can do with these viewers:

1. Standard service ($60 - plus return shipping, $8 in USA)

  1. Disassemble viewer completely

  2. Paint interior of lamp compartment

  3. Install a frosted halogen bulb

  4. Clean lenses

  5. Clean electrical contacts (to eliminate flickering)

  6. Do repairs as needed (including gluing any cracks)

  7. Lubricate key parts while putting back together

  8. Clean and polish case and logo

  9. Repaint logo

  10. Put 4 friction pads at the bottom of the viewer to minimize wear

  11. Put everything back together 

  12. Check with a stereo slide for proper operation

2. "The WORKS" ($85 plus return shipping, $8 in USA ) - Everything above, plus:

IMO, this is the BEST 1950s stereo slide viewer!

My turn-around time varies from 2-4 weeks. Contact me via email if you have any questions or need the viewer sooner.

If you are mailing a Realist red button viewer to me, please pack well (the viewer is fragile) and  REMOVE THE BATTERIES FROM THE VIEWER. Include a check for the payment and mail the viewer to:

George Themelis
10243 Echo Hill Drive
Brecksville OH 44141

For more information, please check my Realist Red Button web page:

Or my very detailed book on the Stereo Realist red button viewer ($20) found at:

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Updated: May 2010